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Welcome to the forums!

Post  Sam on Sat Sep 08, 2012 7:18 pm

Welcome to the new forums for our guild. These forums will be changing and updating and evolving as time goes on to fit with the guilds needs. I have popped up a basic set of starter forums for now.

We are open to suggestion on forums we may require, however the GMs will add or delete posts and even entire forums at their discretion. Please dont spam useless shit like "First" as a post. It will just be deleted. However humourous content is welcome as long as the thread stays on topic. We have an off topic section where we can troll eachother and post general crap.

Keep it civil and treat your fellow guildies well. Act like a dick and its just as easy to one button boot here as it is in guild.

Lets get some good info in here help eachother out and grow a solid set of teams for full game content.

Love and Cuddles Spank cherry


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